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Made with only good intentions

Burning Vibration’s foundation is based on the belief that everything in the universe gives off vibrations whether it is positive or negative. To ensure that the burning vibration’s candles radiates with only pure positive vibrations, I use only pure ingredients that help manifest what is desired. Once the candle is set, it is then cleansed with sage to remove any lingering negative energy. The candle is then placed on an altar with a charged crystal that correlates with the desired manifestation. The crystal is placed on the candle for a minimum of 3 -7 days.
Once the candle is charged with your personal intentions, it is then time to burn the candle releasing the vibrations into the universe to help manifest your desire.

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I'm a descendant of Jacques-Pierre Peminuit Paul. He was grand chief of the Mi'kmaq but he was very well known and feared for his shamanic abilities, so much so that a lot of elders will not even say his name. A close cousin of mine who is also strongly into wiccan practices and spirituality, told me that growing up she was always warned not to practice wicca because it is very powerful and we have it in our blood. After learning this information it made total sense why I have always been drawn to the supernatural since a very young age. My Aunt once told me when I was younger to be careful with what I wish for, because without knowing it, it may just come true and it will come back to haunt by a multiple of three times. When I got older I learned that my Aunt used to practice herself, and she knew of the after effects of casting spells from her own personal experiences. Which is why whenever casting a spells, it should always  be done with good intentions, without harming anyone. When someone does you wrong it can be very hard not to wish them ill luck. Instead, just simply wish that they see their flaws and change their ways for the better. Thanks so much for taking your time to read this and learning a little about me, wishing you all the best.

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Handmade With Love

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Manifestation Candle

The work area and items used are first cleansed with sage to remove any negativity that may be lingering to ensure the candles are made in a positive space filled with only the best of intentions. Each candle is handmade in small batches. Once the candle is complete it is cleaned once more with sage, then placed to charge on a selenite plate with a pre-charged stone on top.


Each candle is made using 100% pure essential oils. The oils have been combined and tested over months to reach the perfect formulated scent, giving each candle a unique scent making it different to other candles.

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Please allow the Universe at least 6 months to work its magic, sometimes it may take a little longer but be patient and have faith

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Lovely candle. Very detailed orientated. Beautiful aroma. You can tell a lot of work has gone into it.


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